Workcover Law – All What You Need To Know from Brisbane Compensation Lawyers

If you are an unfortunate victim of an accident involved at the workplace, which was not your fault and have sustained an injury then you are eligible to claim compensation under the Workcover law. Yes, workcover is a workers’ compensation scheme that was instituted and enacted by law to provide compensation for the Victorian workers who are injured at work. The workcover law encompasses all sorts of injuries and accidents caused on account of the negligence of the employer or co-worker or other third parties at the work place. This law covers the employees working in Victoria or based in Victoria. He may be a permanent or casual employee, full-time or part-time worker, an outworker or even a self-employed worker.

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What should be done in case of a workplace injury or accident?

If you have met with an injury or accident at your workplace you have to notify your employer within thirty days of sustaining the injury. This should be done formally by duly filling the register of injuries that is maintained at the workplace. You should also seek for immediate medical treatment. If you incur any medical expenses or take leave from work to recover from the injury then you have to complete a workcover claim form and submit it to your employer along with a medical certificate from your doctor. You can also seek legal advice in this case by approaching an expert lawyer who knows the best way to represent you in the claim.

What are the types of workplace injuries or accidents a person can claim?

It covers injuries or accidents happened at the workplace or as a result of work. This covers injuries occurred while at a lunch break also. It also covers any type of diseases caused by the work or any diseases worsened by the work conditions. Injuries sustained while travelling as a part of work are also covered under Workcover law.


What claims cover under Workcover law?

If you are injured at your workplace then you are entitled to claim for medical expenses, cost of medications and aids such as crutches, rehabilitation expenses and travel expenses incurred for appointments for medical treatments. However, if the work related injury or accident has left you totally or partially incapacitated to work then you are also entitled to claim weekly payments. Similarly you can also make a claim for the emotional stress and suffering you have undergone on account of the work related injury or accident that requires you to take medical treatment. In case of permanent disability you are also entitled to receive a lump sum as compensation for the permanent injuries.

What does a Workcover lawyer do?

Gold coast personal injury lawyers will help you in obtaining proper and just compensation by providing invaluable advice on your legal rights and entitlements. They also help you in obtaining medical reports from doctors, lodging a claim for impairment benefits and applying for serious damage certificate, if needed.


If you are a victim of injury or accident at your workplace contact an experienced injury lawyer who will provide you with free and practical advice. Moreover, most lawyers do not charge you unless you win your claim. They also provide you with a free first consultation. Make use of this opportunity and win a fair compensation for your workplace injury.